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Finally, a home for the recognition of the achievements of the greatest Radio Personalities from Nebraska Radio!

The Nebraska Radio Personalities Hall of Fame, while unofficial, is an effort by radio people and fans to make certain the memories of noteworthy disc jockeys, newspeople, sportscasters and announcers in general are not forgotten. Each of the honorees shall have spent at least a considerable amount of their radio career in Nebraska and have made some significant contribution to the betterment of the medium through their talent, creativity or what they came to mean to their community through their position in radio. A seperate category for "Legends" will be announced at a later time. This category will recognize those who may have worked briefly in Nebraska or hailed from Nebraska, but made their mark on radio elsewhere.

The Nebraska Radio Personalities Hall of Fame has no connection to the Nebraska Broadcasters Hall of Fame, sponsored by the Nebraska Broadcasters Association.

The first group of inductees into the Hall shall be nominated in the following ways:
1. Send an e-mail to
2. Write to the Hall of Fame at PO Box 2, Funk, NE

Either way, your nomination must include your name, the name or names of up to three people you are nominating, and for each person nominated- a brief paragraph describing that persons contributions to radio as outlined above. No more than one submission from any e-mail or snailmail address please. Multiple entries from the same address will be disqualified. It will be the sole decision of the board of directors of the Hall of Fame if any particular nominee should advance to the final voting stage, based on the information you provide, as well as the number of nominations recieved for each candidate. No candidate shall be considered without recieving at least two nominations from independent submissions.

The nominations will be posted at this site at the end of the nomination period, which will be posted at the time nominations open. The voting will commence on or about July 15, 2001 and will remain open for thirty days. The board of directors of the Hall of Fame shall tabulate the votes recieved for any accepted nominee. The top 25 vote getters will be thus elected to the charter class of the Nebraska Radio Personalities Hall of Fame.


Name of Nominee:_______________________________________________

Station(s) worked and when:________________________________________

Reason this person deserves entry into the
Hall of Fame:____________________________________________________

Your name:________________________________________