The Nebraska Radio Register AM Stations
Nebraska AM Stations

Nebraska AM Radio Stations
Ainsworth1400 KBRB1kw1968-
Alliance1400 KCOW1kw1949-
Beatrice1450 KWBE1kw1949-
Belden? KFQY?w1925-? Farmers State Bank
Bellevue1180 KOIL5w1993- Originally licensed to Council Bluffs, IA in 1925, then moved to Omaha circa 1942. Swapped freq's with KKAR
Bellevue1180 KOIL5kw1987-1993 Moved to Omaha in freq switch with KOIL
Bellevue1620 KAZP10k/1k1999-2001 Planned to be the future high band home of KOIL (1180).
Bellevue1620 KOZN10k/1k2001-2006 Call letter change, October 2001
Bellevue1620 vacated2006 Frequency vacated for expanded band location at 1620
Broken Bow1280 KCNI1k/52w1949-
Central City1470 KGES10w1927-28 Central Radio Electric Co.
Chadron610 KCSR1k/118w1954-
Clay Center730 KMMJ?w1931-34 Moved from 790. Shared with WSB
Clay Center740 KMMJ1w1934-3? Moved from 730."Old Trusty" moved to Grand Island in late 30's
Clay Center790 KMMJ?w1927 Moved from 1330
Clay Center1050 KMMJ?w1928-31 Moved from 790
Clay Center1330 KMMJ1w1926-27 M.M.Johnson
Columbus900 KJSK1k/65w1948-
Columbus1350 KGBY?w1928 Moved from 1480
Columbus1480 KGBY?w1927 Thelen & Taddiken (Licensed about same time to Shelby, NE)
Columbus1510 KTTT500w1962-
Cozad1580 KAMI1k/17w1965-
Dakota City1250 KTFJ500w1991-
David City1330 WRAR?w1923 Jacob Carl Thomas
David City1330 KFOR100w1924-26 David City Tire & Elect. Moved to Lincoln 1927
Fairbury1310 KGMT.5k/95w1960-
Falls City1230 KTNC500w1957-
Fremont833 WOAE?w1923 Midland College
Fremont1070 WOAE15w1924 Midland College
Fremont1340 KFGT500w1939-5? Walker Newspapers
Fremont1340 KHUB500w195?- "Fremont Hub" was KFGT
Fremont1400 KORN?w1942-47
Grand Island750 KMMJ10kw1925- Moved from Clay Center, late 30's
Grand Island1230 KFJA?w1923 Central Power Co
Grand Island1430 KRGI5k/1k1953-
Grand Island1460 KGEO50w1927-28 Hotel Yancey
Hartington1350 KFRZ15w1925 P M Thies (The Electric Shop)
Hastings? WKAM?w1920's Hastings Daily Tribune
Hastings? WLAD?w1920's Arvanette Radio Supply Co
Hastings570 KFKX2.5kw1927 Westinghouse Elect
Hastings833 WQAY?w1923 Gasten Music & Furniture
Hastings880 KFKX1kw1924 Westinghouse Elect
Hastings1040 KFKX5kw1924-26 Moved from 880
Hastings1230 KHAS1kw1940-
Hastings1550 KICS.5k/35w1964-97
Hastings1550 KMEM.5k/35w1997-98 Was KICS
Hastings1550 KICS.5k/35w1998- Was KMEM
Holdrege1380 KUVR.5k/62w1956-
Humboldt1450 KGDW100w1927-28 Frank J. Rist (Plainview Hog & Seed Farm)
Kearney? KFJU?w1920's Central Power Co
Kearney1220 KFHP?w1923 Radio-Bug Products Co
Kearney1310 KGFW1kw1934-? Moved from Ravenna 1934
Kearney1340 KGFW1kw? ~ Moved frequency from 1310
Kearney1460 KRNY5k/56w1956-86
Kearney1460 KKOA5k/56w1986-89 Was KRNY
Kearney1460 KKPR5k/56w1989-2003 Was KKOA
Kearney1460 KXPN5k/56w2003- ESPN affiliate, formerly KKPR-AM
Kimball1260 KIMB1k/112w1958-
Lexington880 KRVN50kw1972- Moved from 1010 and increased power
Lexington1010 KRVN25kw1951-72-
Lincoln? WGAT?w1922-? American Legion (6/26/22)
Lincoln? WIAX?w1920's Paul C Rohwer (Capitol Radio Co)
Lincoln? WLAF?w1920's Johnson Radio Co
Lincoln? WSAS?w1920's St of Nebr Dept of Agriculture
Lincoln590 WCAJ?w1930-31 Moved from 790
Lincoln770 KFAB5kw1931-42 Moved from 970
Lincoln780 KFAB?w1942-46 Moved from 770
Lincoln790 WCAJ?w1927-30 Nebr Wesleyan Univ. Moved from University Place
Lincoln800 KFAB?w1924-27 Nebraska Buick Auto
Lincoln833 WJAB?w1923-24 American Electric Co
Lincoln833 WFAV?w1922-25 U of Nebr Dept of Elect Eng (6/16/22)
Lincoln880 KFAB1kw1926
Lincoln940 KFAB1kw1927-28
Lincoln970 KFAB5kw1929-30 Moved from 940
Lincoln1090 WKAC?w1923 Star Publishing
Lincoln1090 WFAV?w1925 Moved from 833
Lincoln1110 KFAB?w1946-? Moved from 780. Later moved to Omaha
Lincoln1180 WMAH100w1923-24 General Supply Co
Lincoln1210 KFOR250w/1001931-42 Moved from 1380. Cornbelt Broadcasting
Lincoln1240 KFOR1kw1942_ Moved from1210
Lincoln1250 KFDU?w1923 Nebraska Radio Elect Co
Lincoln1250 KFAB500w1924
Lincoln1310 WJAB100w1924 Moved from 833
Lincoln1380 KFOR100w1927-31 Moved from David City 1927
Lincoln1400 KOLN670w1947-5?
Lincoln1400 KLIN670w195?- Was KOLN
Lincoln1480 KLMS3.3k/1k1949-91
Lincoln1480 KMEM3.3k/1k1991-97 Was KLMS
Lincoln1480 KLMS3.3k/1k1997- Was KMEM
Lincoln1530 KLOL?w1965-7?
Lincoln1530 KECK?w197?-8? Was KLOL
Lincoln1530 KHAT?w198?-93 Was KECK. Frequency now dark
Lincoln (University Place)833 WCAJ500w1922-25 Nebr Wesleyan 5/6/22
Lincoln860 WCAJ500w1927 Moved from 1180
Lincoln (University Place)1180 WCAJ500w1925-27 Moved from 833
McCook1300 KBRL5k/136w1947-83
McCook1300 KSWN5k/136w1983-90 Was KBRL
McCook1300 KBRL5k/136w1990- Was KSWN
McCook1360 KWRV1kw1961-?
McCook1360 KICX1kw196?-90 Was KWRV
McCook1360 KNGNkw1990-present Was KICX
Nebraska City1600 KNCY.5k/31w1959-
Norfolk780 WJAG1kw1946- Moved from 1090
Norfolk833 WJAG?w1923-25 Norfolk Daily News (shared freq with KOCH & WNAL)
Norfolk1050 WJAG500/250w1927-30
Norfolk1060 WJAG?w1930-42
Norfolk1090 WJAG?w1942-46
Norfolk1110 WJAG?w1925-27
North Platte970 KNBR5k/55w1952-55
North Platte970 KJLT5k/55w1957- Was KNBR
North Platte1240 KODY1kw1943- Was KGNF, purchased by WOW-AM of Omaha, moved from 1460
North Platte1410 KAHL5k/500w1966-7?
North Platte1410 KNOP5k/500w197?-8? Was KAHL
North Platte1410 KOOQ5k/500w198?- Was KNOP
North Platte1430 KGNF500w1930-42 (LeBerron Family)
North Platte1460 KGNF?w1942-43 Moved from 1430
Oak833 KFEQ?w1923-25 J L Scroggin
Oak1120 KFEQ500w1925-26 Moved from 833
Ogallala930 KOGA5k/500w1955-
Omaha? KFQV?w1920's Omaha Grain Exchange
Omaha? WDV?w1922-? Nebr 2nd licensed station (3/30/22)John O Yeiser, Jr
Omaha? WOU?w1922-? Nebr 1st Licensed station (3/8/22) Metropolitan Utilities Dist/R B Howell)
Omaha570 WOAW1kw1923-26 Woodmen of the World
Omaha590 WOW5kw1927-99 Moved from 570, changed call letters. Woodmen of the World
Omaha590 KOMJ5kw1999-2005 Was WOW. Changed format & call letters, with new owner:Journal Brdct.
Omaha590 KXSP5kw2005~ Was KOMJ. Changed format & call letters
Omaha660 WAAW500w1930 Moved from 860
Omaha660 KOWH500w1922-57 Purchased from Omaha World Herald in 1948 by Robert Storz family. Todd Storz pioneered Top 40 format in mid 50's
Omaha660 KMEO500w1957-196? Was KOWH
Omaha660 KOWH?w196?-? Once again took KOWH call letters
Omaha660 KOZN?w19?
Omaha660 KCRO1kw19?- Was KOWH
Omaha680 WAAW1kw1927-1928 Moved from 770
Omaha770 WAAW500w1925-26 Moved from 1050
Omaha800 WAAW500w1927 Moved from 1080
Omaha833 KFCZ?w1923-25 Omaha Central H.S.
Omaha833 WNAL?w1923-27 Omaha Central H.S. /R J Rockwell
Omaha860 WAAW?w1927-30
Omaha1050 WAAW500w1924
Omaha1060 KFCZ?w1925
Omaha1060 WNAL?w1927
Omaha1080 KFFX?w1923-24 McGraw Co
Omaha1080 WIAK?w1925 Journal-Stockman Co
Omaha1080 WAAW500w1926 Moved from 770
Omaha1090 KFVP?w1925 Temporary portable Chamber of Comm
Omaha1110 KFAB50kw19?-present Moved from Lincoln
Omaha1110 KUPR?w1925 Temporary mobile(Union Pacific RR)
Omaha1130 WNAL50w1924
Omaha1160 KOCH250w1925-28 Omaha Central H.S.
Omaha1160 KFCZ50w1924 Omaha Central H.S.
Omaha1160 WNAL50w1925-28 Moved from 1130
Omaha1160 KFOX100w1924-28 Omaha Tech H.S. (shared with KOCH)
Omaha1290 KKAR5kw1993- Was KOIL
Omaha1290 KOIL5kw1942-93 Originally licensed to Council Bluffs, IA 1925- (Marathon Oil)(KOIL now on 1180-Bellevue)
Omaha1420 KOTK1k/330w2006present Was KBBX
Omaha1420 KBBX1k/330w199?-2006 Was KESY
Omaha1420 KOOO1k/330w1955-8?
Omaha1420 KEDS1k/330w198?-8? Was KOOO. Operated as KEDS very briefly
Omaha1420 KESY1k/330w198?-9? Was KEDS
Omaha1490 KBON1kw1946-7?
Omaha1490 KLNG1kw197?-8? Was KBON
Omaha1490 KYNN1kw198?-? Was KLNG
Omaha1490 KOSR1kw19?-2005 Was KYNN
Omaha1490 KOMJ1kw2005~ Was KOSR
O'Neill1350 KBRX1k/44w1955-
Ord1060 KNLV1kw1965-
Plattsmouth1000 KOTD250w1970-94
Plattsmouth1020 KOTD1kw1994-2006 Moved from 1000 with a power increase
Plattsmouth1020 KOIL50kw2006- Formerly KOTD, became KOIL in rearranging of frequencies by parent company. Now Radio Disney. Note power increase
Ravenna1000 KGFW10w1927-30 Otto Sothman - Central Nebr Brdcstg. May have occupied 1010 briefly
Ravenna1310 KGFW100w1930-3? Moved from 1000 (later moved to Kearney)
Rushville? WEAV?w1920's Sheridan Elect Service Co
Scottsbluff690 KEYR1k/65w1961-? Actually licensed to Terrytown
Scottsbluff690 KOAQ1k/65w1961-present Was KEYR
Scottsbluff960 KNEB1k/500w1947-
Scottsbluff1320 KOLT5k/1k1930-
Scottsbluff1490 KGKY100w1942 Moved from 1500
Scottsbluff1500 KGKY?w192?-42 Hilliard Co
Scottsbluff? KGBY?w1920's Dunning & Taddiken
Shelby1480 KGBY50w1927 Also listed as Columbus, NE
Sidney1340 KSID1kw1952-
Superior1600 KRFS.5k/44w1959-
Tecumseh833 WTAU?w1923 Ruegg Battery & Electric
Tecumseh1240 WTAU10w1924 Moved from 833
Utica1340 KFGV?w1923 Heidbreder Radio Supply
Valentine940 KVSH5k/19w1961-
Wahoo? WPAA?w1920's Anderson & Webster Electrical Co
Wayne1020 KGCH250w1927-28 Wayne Hospital/ Farmers & Merchants Co-op/ Radio Corp of America
Wayne1590 KTCH2.5k/47w1968-
West Point840 KWPN5kw1985-97
West Point840 KTICkw1997- Was KWPN
York833 KFDR?w1923 Bullock's Hardware & Sport Goods (Robert G Bullock)
York930 KGBZ?w1930-34 Moved from 1410
York1370 KAWL.5k/176w1954-
York1410 KGBZ100w1927-30 Federal Livestock Remedy Co (George R. Miller)

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